Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Starting Again

I had been under the impression that my blog, long unused, had been removed during the changes in management of this site. It seems that it exists, so I am going to look at starting again. I have not managed to take the GCSE exams I had wanted to take due to a certain amount of resistance on the part of those who teach and set the exams.

While this resistance could be overcome I have been very busy with other things and have not had a strong feeling that this would actually help anything other than my ego.

If there is anyone who can arrange for me to take the exams and get a grade based on the exams alone, without the coursework which I would not do then I would happily reinstate this plan. In the meantime I am going to try to throw out a few other ideas on an irregular basis.

The first idea is that nutrition and education are both important to future success. Thus the initiative described at
seems a very good idea.

If we accept that providing meals at schools as an incentive to allow children to attend school is a good idea, does anyone know a student who would like to spend their summer making is happen? Clearly it is already happening in some places, but what I had in mind was a student arranging for a few British companies to sponsor a school to continue this somewhere where it is not yet taking place? I feel sure that a number of companies could be persuaded to sponsor this simply for the good PR they could do based on it. I also feel sure that with a few pointers from people who have run businesses a student could find these people. It would be good experience for the student, it would be good PR for the companies and it would be good for the students at the schools. All in all it seems a good idea. Is anyone interested in giving it a go?

Rufus Evison