Monday, October 08, 2007

Just a little post to say that as an experiment begun by Andy G I am now trying to get the term rufus Sexgod to appear on a google page. This is going to be a very half hearted attempt, but I feel it deserves a 30 second mention here.

Rufus Evison
Rufus Sexgod (Damn Andy G)

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Guard your brand as it is worth money to someone

Mainstream: Domain Names, Branding

I just read Guy Clapperton’s article Master of your own domain about keeping control of relevant domain names. This struck a chord as I had recently come across a very well known brand who did not own a prime domain name that they clearly should have owned. I cannot name the brand, but I did get in touch with them and they now own the brand. The relevant piece of information was that there is a new service for domainers that is just being launched.

In this context a domainer is someone who had bought a large number of domain names and is sitting on them. Domainers can make money in a variety of ways. They can sell the domains at a premium; they can advertise on the domains, they can use the domains to act as advertising for related companies (e.g. make forward to a furniture company for a fee).

The new service effectively populates their site with relevant content. This has a whole slew of effects:

It means that the site will be better viewed by search engines and so may get more traffic.
It means that the site will be stickier so it will get more traffic.
It means that the site is actually justifiably relevant to the domain name so any companies with an interest in the domain name will have to pay more to get it as legal leverage will be lower.
It means that the site will be less cached and so will get more effective traffic.
It means that a larger variety of advertising can be put on the domain.
It means that better targeting of the domain becomes possible providing higher advertising revenues.

In the above I use the term traffic, but let’s be honest and say that what we are really talking about here is advertising revenue. The point on legal leverage translated into a compelling event which persuaded the brand owner to arrange settlement on the domain before things became harder and so more expensive.

While this service has just been launched I am also privy to another new development that has not yet been released. I am not at liberty to say what it is, but let’s just say that if you are responsible for your brand I would take note of Mr Clapperton’s suggestions and get your domain under control now rather than put it off just a little longer.

Rufus Evison