Monday, October 08, 2007

Just a little post to say that as an experiment begun by Andy G I am now trying to get the term rufus Sexgod to appear on a google page. This is going to be a very half hearted attempt, but I feel it deserves a 30 second mention here.

Rufus Evison
Rufus Sexgod (Damn Andy G)


Blogger Rufus said...

I should have posted a follow up to this, and to be honest I thought I had. Twenty minutes later when I did a google search for "rufus sexgod" without the quotes my page came at the top of the list. It alsocame up fouth if you split sexgod into two words. Trying this now i find that the top entry with two words is my 43 things entry saying I was going to try. I am trying now to drive the actual article down again, so i am pleased that it has fallen from number one. I may try to do the same to the 43 things post if I am successful and can spare a moment.

Rufus Evison

1:33 pm  

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