Thursday, January 10, 2008


It is well documented that setting goals is a good first step to achieving success in whatever you want to do.

I set goals on 43 things for 3 main reasons

1) To ensure that goals are not lost
2) To keep goals at the forefront to my mind and to motivate their completion
3) To acquire volunteers to help fulfil the goals

On the 43T site there is a section on why 43 things, why not 10 or a hundred. The reasoning on there should mitigate against the feelings of guilt or failure, but only if the advice they give is followed. You should have a mixture of the serious and the frivolous. You should have some easily achievable goals, some harder ones, and a few ambitions you will not feel guilty about not achieving. The later will at least remind you about some things you feel are important. Too many goals and you will either get swamped or will lose the point. Too few and you may fill up with the big goals without room for small achievements to keep you enthused.

My goal to reform the education system has, as yet led to no concrete results but it has made me more conscious of related initiatives. This has in turn made me look to see if I can do something to encourage an initiative that I approve of to help education elsewhere (nutrition and education suggest free meals in third world schools, see elsewhere on the blog for a few more details). I like to think that it will lead to something concrete in time, but even if it does not it will have done some good.

Coming to point number 3, I did not intend this to be a reason for posting but it has been a side effect. While I was at college I saw that someone had punted from Cambridge to Ely in 1907. I was told at the time that it had not been done since. I thought this would be a fun idea, but I lost track of it over the years. Writing a list on 43 things brought it to mind, so I put it down as something for ‘one day’. This led to a friend who had built his own punt joining me in setting this up and making it happen. Setting a goal took something from a nice idea to a ‘once in a hundred years’ occurrence.

So there you have it, and my view is that setting goals is a useful way of turning thoughts into actuality.

Rufus Evison

I have not been keeping this up to date because I have been working on the Retail Media Blog for rather more of my spare time than I expected. Retail media are interesting and do seem to have ramifications in Branding, Sales and all sorts of places.

A while ago I put a goal onto 43 things about keeping my blog up to date. I have not kept this one current, but I think writing blog entries on Retail media for the Retail media Group is reasonable and counts as progress towards the stated goal.

Why? Because the purpose of the goal was not restricted to this blog, but was to get me doing more of the sort of things that blogging entails. Blogging is not an end in itself it is to cause me to do research (which as well as teaching me things hones my researching skills) and it causes me to write, so aiding my communication skills.

I currently run a few blogs, but the retail media blog has the most traffic. This is because it is useful to people and helps to define what retail media are, their advantages and disadvantages and how they are used. Oddly enough another of my goals on 43 things was to get a common understanding of what retail media means as the term was being used rather fuzzily. To this end I have been gathering info and learning a lot. Also it allows me scpe to help shape the industry.

Goals have a way of doing that. Setting a goal is the first step towards doing stuff.

Last year I had a goal to get a new and interesting job. I now have that job and am enjoying it. Unsurprisingly it is in an industry related to retail media. I do not actually work for dunnhumby Retail Media (dRM) but I sit surrounded by people who do and I work closely with the people who are deciding the direction of dRM. This provides me with some insider knowledge that will probably creep on to the blog.

Moving jobs was a big step for me, having been a serial entrepreneur for most of my working life. I had some sub goals that I needed to do on the way. If I am going to move from starting companies to working for someone else's then this must fit with my own life goals.